Bolsa Familia | Does the same Auxílio Brasil card apply?

Bolsa Familia |  Does the same Auxílio Brasil card apply?

This Wednesday (18), Caixa Econômica Federal resumed payment of installments of the new Bolsa Família, formerly known as Auxílio Brasil, with a minimum amount of R$ 600. Transfers continue to be made according to the last digit of the Social Registration Number (NIS) and continue until the last week of January.

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The Ministry of Development and Social Assistance reveals that, this month, the social program will reach 21.9 million families, with an amount of R$ 13.38 billion that will be distributed with an average value of R$ 614.21 per family. The increase of R$ 150 for families with children up to 6 years old has not yet started and will have to be paid from March.

Check out some common questions about the benefit in this government transition, below;

What do I need to know to receive Bolsa Família?

1. I receive the Brazil Aid, do I need to register again?

Do not. The assistance program will only change its name, but current beneficiaries continue to receive the benefit as normal – as long as they remain eligible by meeting the benefit requirements.

2. Is the Auxílio Brasil card valid or do I need to ask for a new one?

Do not. So far, you will not need to change or update the cards. The new Bolsa Família reported that the Auxílio Brasil cards are still valid for withdrawals and movements. The delivery of Auxílio Brasil cards began last year, during the final phase of the Bolsonaro government, with the novelty of debit payment.

However, the card only serves 8.5 million of the 21 million beneficiaries. The justification of the former Ministry of Citizenship reported that the delivery of the cards would be gradual and would prioritize families who signed up for the program from November 2021 and received the installments through digital savings.

Currently, the current President Lula’s team is considering offering the debit card to all Bolsa Família beneficiaries.

3. Is the benefit amount still R$600 or is it back to R$400?

The minimum amount of the benefit will be R$600 in 2023. The former Bolsonaro government temporarily increased the benefit from R$400 to R$600 during the second round of elections, which is expected to end in December.

However, as soon as he took office, President Lula signed a Provisional Measure (MP) that guaranteed a minimum payment of R$600 during this year. The elected government also added the amount of R$ 150 per child up to 6 years old, which must be paid from March.

4. Who is entitled to Bolsa Família?

According to the aid rules established by the Federal Government, those who meet the requirements will be entitled to payments:

  • Families in extreme poverty (monthly family income per capita of up to R$ 105);
  • Families in poverty (monthly family income per capita between R$ 105.01 and R$ 210.00);
  • Families under emancipation rule;
  • Who was already entitled to the former Brazil Aid.

According to the Minister of Social Development, Wellington Dias, a Provisional Measure will be developed to restructure the Bolsa Família and define the conditions required to integrate the program and receive the benefit, such as the active enrollment of children and adolescents in school and the vaccination card in day.

5. How to register?

To enroll in Bolsa Família, you must be listed in the Single Registry for Social Programs (CadÚnico). To do this, a representative of the family, aged over 16, must go to a service point at a Social Assistance Reference Center (Cras), with a document for each member (birth certificate, CPF, RG, work card , between others). Although not mandatory, it is recommended to present proof of current residence.

Fine-tooth comb: Government claims that there are frauds in CadÚnico

According to Dias, Minister of Social Development, a review will be carried out on the total number of Bolsa Família beneficiaries. The measure will be carried out due to suspicion of fraud in the CadÚnico system, in which people are receiving government assistance without needing it.

Last year, more than 21 million families received Auxílio Brasil — with more than 8 million included in 2022 alone. The current government announced that 21.9 million families will be assisted this month, but that the number should drop to throughout the year, after the finalization of the “fine-tooth comb”.

Source: Gazeta do Povo; Uol; G1