BMW M3 | New version is more powerful and exceeds 300 km/h

BMW M3 |  New version is more powerful and exceeds 300 km/h

BMW has announced a new version of the BMW M3, a sports version of its flagship sedan, the 3 Series. Called the CS, this variant received interior adjustments, with new materials on the seats and construction to make it lighter. In addition, the engine has been recalibrated to gain more power. The result: an even faster and more skittish car thanks to technology and engineering.

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According to the automaker, the BMW M3 CS is equipped with a new version of the well-known six-cylinder 3.0 biturbo engine. This engine had the pressure in the two turbines increased to generate more power, reaching 550hp, but with the same 66.3 kgf/m of torque. The previous version yielded 510hp.

To reduce the weight, which did not have the numbers revealed by BMW, several compounds made of CFRP (plastic reinforced with carbon fiber) were used on the seats and on the interior linings of the vehicle. Thus, the power-to-weight ratio, which was already good, got even better. To complete, the automaker modified the traction on the M3 CS. Out comes classic rear-wheel drive and in comes xDrive all-wheel drive.

All this generated an interesting improvement in the numbers of the BMW M3 CS. 0 to 100km/h is 3.4s, 0.5s less than the Competition variant. Remember that both models use an eight-speed automatic transmission. Top speed has also increased. It went from 290 km/h in the M3 Competition to 302 km/h in the CS, with an electronic limiter.

BMW M3 CS: Price and availability

The BMW M3 CS will still have its production started at the plant in Munich, Germany, in limited quantity. It is expected that the bolide will also be launched in Brazil, as with the BMW M3 Competition. Values ​​should be announced soon.