Black Friday 2023 | Kaboom! sells the equivalent of 10 PS5 Eiffel Towers


The KaBoom! reached a historic milestone by selling approximately 7,500 PlayStation 5 units during the four days of Black Friday 2023 promotions. Considering that the console measures approximately 39 cm in the vertical position, this mark would be the equivalent of almost 10 Eiffel towers.

The store completed 20 years of operation in 2023 and, to celebrate the date, it organized the biggest Black Friday in its history. There were months of interactive actions on its networks and official channels, seeking to understand which products were most desired by Brazilian consumers, and the PS5 was, by far, one of the most requested.

Expanded logistics and record sales and audience

To ensure that Black Friday actions were a success, KaBum! hired more than 600 additional temporary professionals for the period. The distribution center in Viana (ES) alone had 500 of these employees to ensure agility and efficiency in the packaging and shipping processes of products.

The website has provisionally expanded the CD by 3000 m², equivalent to three football fields, to accommodate all shipments negotiated with suppliers specifically for the Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday period. Another essential component to ensure the success of the event was the implementation of automation systems, resulting in a shipment processing capacity 50% greater than that of Black Friday 2022.

The company’s marketing strategy was also crucial to the record sales, with daily “Esquenta Black Friday” live streams in the days before the main event. On the 23rd, KaBum! also held a seven-hour live broadcast with the presence of influencers Cid, JP Soares and EmersonBR, highlighting promotions of up to 80% and with actions that guaranteed coupons to buy two Gamer PCs valued at R$ 15 thousand for just R$ 20.00 .

KaBum’s Black Friday 2023! totaled 44 uninterrupted hours of transmission, with 400,000 views and more than 150,000 comments across channels on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and other official networks. The record audience naturally resulted in record sales of gamer peripherals, smartphones, SSDs, power supplies, in addition to more than 7,500 PlayStation 5s.

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