Apple may not launch new iPads this year, but foldable would come in 2024

Apple may not launch new iPads this year, but foldable would come in 2024

Apple isn’t expected to show iPads this year, but new tablets could be in full development. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, a foldable model should be presented in 2024.

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Kuo said the foldable iPad will be compatible with a stand made of carbon fiber. The accessory should offer a lighter and more resistant option than the current covers.

This support would be done by Anjie Technology, a company based in the city of Suzhou. In this way, the company should “continue to benefit from the growing trends of foldable devices, equipped with stands”, according to what Kuo said.

Before the foldable, the new iPad Mini is expected to arrive in the first quarter of 2024. So, about two and a half years after the current model was released, which arrived in September 2021.

Due to the lack of new products, the year 2023 should be more lukewarm for Apple, in terms of iPad sales. A drop in the range of 10 to 15% is expected in the number of units sold, in direct comparison with last year.

However, the analyst stated that the numbers should resume normal pace in 2024, with the arrival of new generations.

iPads must have screen updates

Previous rumors have already revealed what could be the news in the next expected iPads. Tablets can, for example, bring OLED screens, instead of the IPS LCD of current models.

The iPad Pro may have a slight display increase, where the 11 and 12.9-inch versions would move to 11.1 and 13.1 inches, respectively. This subtle addition should be due to a new construction with thinner edges, and not necessarily due to a larger structure.

Other information also points to the possibility of the arrival of a new, wider version, with a 16-inch panel. Therefore, it would be larger than the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, introduced last year with a 14.6-inch display.

There are still additional rumors, indicating that Apple would launch a foldable model with a giant 20.25-inch screen. At first, this size would be close to impracticable for handling like a tablet, and therefore could be used in other ways.

Either way, there’s still plenty of time until any new iPad is released. Therefore, it is likely that more information will be revealed throughout this year, through leaks.