App focused on "nozzles" economy wins Tecban open banking hackathon

App focused on "nozzles" economy wins Tecban open banking hackathon

TecBan – controller of Banco 24Horas – announced on Thursday (13) the winners of its hackathon, which took place between the 24th and 26th of July and aimed to simulate the possibilities of Open Banking in Brazil. And the big winner of the marathon was the case 'Bicos', an application aimed at informal workers.

  • Banco 24 Horas administrator organizes hackathon for Open Banking solutions
  • Administrator of Banco 24 Horas announces its entry into the world of Open Banking

BICOS, a connection and contracting service provision application. With it, it is possible to hire a professional for quick jobs and make the payment directly by bank balance. In addition, the service provider has access to several functions such as: history of bank transactions, receipt of payment of ‘beaks’ direct to your account, microcredit and direct withdrawal at Bo Banco24Horas terminals.

The servants of BICOS – Thayana Mamoré, Tiago Danin and Lucas Cardoso Rodrigues, the three from Belém (PA), as well as Guilherme Vieira da Silva, from Sorocaba (SP), claim that the solution was born to democratize access to Open Banking to those who before, they were invisible to the financial system. According to them, the so-called "Economy of the Beaks" is a latent reality, further aggravated by COVID-19. In addition, emergency aid revealed 46 million Brazilians, most of whom were informal workers, until then forgotten.

Another highlight of the competition was AgroBan. Based on the 'product' and 'accounts' APIs available, this agrotech. aims to unite sectors of the countryside and banks for mutual benefits. The farmer performs the registration on the platform for free and grants the permissions to use his accounts in Open Banking. With this, the best offers of banking products are drawn up to serve you.

After choosing the product based on the best interest rates, the order is under Reviews, waiting for an accredited agronomist who will go on the farmer's property and register SICOR's documentation through the platform. Notwithstanding, it will also bring relevant data to the overall score and assessment of the farmer in the app. The team responsible for the project is formed by Jonatas Conceição da Silva Cesar, Lucas Simões and Augusto Bondança, the three from São Paulo (SP), as well as Renato Tadeu Rodrigues, from Pilar do Sul (SP) and Eduardo Tomacheski Teixeira, from Charqueadas ( LOL).

“The Hackathon TecBan presented a very current topic for the participants", says Tiago Aguiar, superintendent of New Platforms at TecBan. "Open Banking has great potential in Brazil and we are sure that the ideas that were proposed during the event are good examples of the great versatility and convenience that the implementation will bring to the financial ecosystem and to the entire Brazilian population ”.

The event brought together 1,046 registrants and representatives from 24 Brazilian states, where 200 participants were selected who developed solutions using the transactions available on TecBan's Open Banking platform.
Entirely online, the competition was organized by Shawee and held in partnership with universities, associations and market players. It had 78 mentors, seven jurors from partner institutions (ABStartups, ABFintechs, Open Banking Brasil, FIAP, Oracle, Acrefi and Fecomercio), 40 teams and 39 projects submitted for evaluation.

Open Banking Entry

On June 22, TecBan had already announced its entry into the Open Banking universe. To this end, the company is sponsoring an initiative to accelerate the development of the ecosystem of this standard in Brazil. The work has been developed through a partnership with Ozone, a platform used in the implementation of the Open Banking system in the United Kingdom. According to TecBan, the initiative follows the regulation of this standard in Brazil, which was announced by the Central Bank in early May 2020.

The first tests of the partnership have been carried out using an Ozone "sandbox" platform. It is a controlled space to develop applications and services compatible with Brazilian open banking. In this hackathon organized by the company, participants were able to simulate the real environment of the new ecosystem.

Open Banking proof-of-concept and 'sandbox' are standards-based and cover the entire market. The results will be used to drive innovation and support the development of standards in the period leading up to the total implementation of the system in the market. “This TecBan initiative will help banks and fintechs to start creating Open Banking services before the required deadlines. This can also position TecBan as an accelerator and facilitator in this space ”, says Chris Michael, co-founder and CEO of Ozone.