Ambev's innovation hub opens registration for internship program

Ambev's innovation hub opens registration for internship program

ZX Ventures, Ambev's innovation and growth hub, focused on bringing convenience to the consumer, announced last Thursday (13), the opening of its 2021 Internship Program. Those interested can now register, which go until the 4th of September.

Among the attractions offered by the program are mentoring throughout the period, rotation in up to four areas of the company, high qualification, training and the opportunity to lead projects. ZX says it wants to develop and train future professionals who could revolutionize the beverage market. Serão offers 15 vacancies in its office in São Paulo and another three in each of its breweries: in Ribeirão Preto (Colorado), Petrópolis (Bohemia) and Belo Horizonte (Wäls).

In order to participate, it is necessary to be taking the last two years of an undergraduate course (bachelor's degree), with expected training between June 2021 and December 2022. All areas of knowledge are accepted, from marketing and supply, to production and finance , since there are vacancies for both office and factory.

Disruption and hiring

In line with the company's innovation DNA, the selection process for the 2021 Internship Program is also disruptive. ZX does not ask for a curriculum, does not take English and logic tests and conducts the entire selection online. It also includes a program called "ZX Desenvolve", focused on developing and mentoring 20 people from minority groups throughout all stages of the internship selection process.

ZX Ventures internship program: 100% of the interns hired in previous editions (Photo: disclosure)

“For us it doesn't matter the course or college, the languages ​​that the candidate speaks, or if he was already part of student entities", says the people manager of ZX Ventures, Luana Rodrigues Daud. "What counts is how much he or she wants to work with us and learn, as well as being part of incredible, high-impact projects ”.

The company also states that the value of the grant is compatible with the market, and the professional will also have transportation vouchers, food vouchers, life insurance and flexibility for the home office.

“We want people who are passionate about the culture of innovation and who want to have autonomy to run projects as owners," continues Daud. , building the future of the beverage market ”, he adds.

The registration period runs until September 4. Interested university students who want an autonomous experience to lead projects can apply through the program's official website. The internship work days are from Monday to Friday, with 6 hours daily and flexible working hours. The company also states that in the selection processes of 2019 and early 2020, the percentage was 100% effective.

Training programs

Once approved by the ZX trainee ecosystem, the approved candidate goes through numerous stages of training. In the first one, he or she has 10 days of integration going through all areas of ZX, from visiting the brewery to immersion in areas other than the one to be allocated. Then, it starts with the mentoring program, with monthly follow-up with pre-defined topics and focusing on personal and professional development, where there is an exchange of experience and action plans for solving challenges.

Zé Delivery: app was mentored by ZX Ventures (Photo: publicity)

The successful candidate may also be a ZX ambassador, representing the group within another university and taking training and qualification to other young people in Brazil. Finally, there is also the internship league, in which he or she has contact with the entire ecosystem of Ambev and ZX interns, with a focus on training in other areas to open up the range of career options, chat with the board and the presidency and challenges beyond the project.

Zé Delivery

As Ambev's innovation and growth hub, ZX Ventures has already borne fruit. Founded in 2015 and with the objective of innovating and anticipating trends, the company is responsible for the development of Zé Delivery, today the largest beverage delivery app in the country and also for Empório da Cerveja, the largest Brazilian beer e-commerce.