Alan Wake 2 is so heavy it’s pushing SSDs to the extreme

Divulgação/Remedy Entertainment

Tests have shown that the new Alan Wake 2 is pushing M.2 Gen5 SSDs to their limits with transfer rates greater than 2 GB/s. During the run, spikes of more than 2,000 MB/s appeared in the benchmark along with high temperatures.

YouTuber Compusemble performed a series of storage tests using the Crucial T700 Gen5 SSD with the help of HWiNFO64. The results showed extremely high peaks with read rates of up to 2,742.634 MB/s (2.7 GB/s), which happened during “The Mind Place” portion of the game.

Furthermore, the temperature reached 78ºC, below the limit temperature of 87ºC at which it begins to disrupt the SSD’s functioning. This information is a little worrying, given that the motherboard used in the tests, the ASUS ROG Strix B650E-F Gaming WiFi, has a robust heatsink that helps with temperature control. So a simpler motherboard, without dissipation, can present even higher temperatures.

With this benchmark information, the community expects updates from Remedy Entertainment. Remembering that, over time, high peaks and high temperature processing can be harmful to the SSD and usage cycles.

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