Alan Wake 2 is named game of the year by TIME magazine


The acclaimed Alan Wake 2 was named the best game of 2023 by TIME magazine, one of the largest and most traditional publications in the United States — and perhaps the world. In its traditional list of personalities and releases that marked the year, the magazine chose the sequel produced by Remedy as the best game to reach consoles and PCs.

The victory of Alan Wake 2, however, is not surprising. Remedy’s game has been touted as one of the best titles of the year and, alongside Baldur’s Gate 3, is one of the nomination leaders at The Game Awards 2023, the industry’s main awards show, which takes place this Thursday night (7). With the two emerging as favorites, for this very reason, they became a kind of rivals.

However, TIME precisely pointed out the artistic character of the new Alan Wake as a differentiator to put it at the forefront of RPG. Classifying it as “more than a game”, the magazine called the game a celebration of art that relies on meta-narratives, musical numbers, connections to other games from the studio and an elegant script to build its story. “And, as if that weren’t enough, it’s still one of the scariest survival horrors of the last decade.”

Unexpected presences

While the dispute between Alan Wake 2 e Baldur’s Gate 3 was more than expected, TIME magazine’s list of the best games of the year also brings some surprises. These are those games that were left out of the main international awards — like TGA 2023 itself — but were remembered here and even achieved some prominent positions.

It is the case that Dredge, an independent game produced by the New Zealand studio Black Salt Games and which occupies tenth place in the publication’s ranking. Playing with Lovecraftian themes, what seems to be just a fishing adventure turns into a much bigger mystery as you explore an isolated archipelago — and all of this with a very crafted look.

In fact, it is possible to notice how TIME emphasizes games that value horror. In addition to his own Dredge e Alan Wakealso appear in its Top 10 titles such as Resident Evil 4, Dead Space e Diablo 4 — which, although not exactly a horror game, has a darker theme.

The best games of 2023 by TIME magazine

  1. Alan Wake 2
  2. Baldur’s Gate 3
  3. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2
  4. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
  5. Resident Evil 4
  6. Dead Space
  7. Super Mario Bros. Wonder
  8. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor
  9. Diablo IV
  10. Dredge