After error, Valve removes bans in CS2 caused by AMD’s Anti-Lag+


With the rollback of support for AMD Anti-Lag+, Valve has begun lifting bans on Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) caused by false detection of driver cheating. Most took the VAC Ban, which marks the profile of cheaters and locks the inventory, but whoever received the unfair punishment will have their profile back without restriction.

This reversal is easy to accomplish, as players who were unfairly banned will have the same detection point on the system, in this case the AMD Radeon RX 7000 Series GPU, so the community does not need to worry about the real cheaters banned in this case returning. period, as they will not.

Additionally, updates on October 19th and 20th of CS2 fixed other issues, such as: smokes disappearing on systems with Windows 11 Auto HDR, GPU rendering issues on UltraWide+ screens and client stability improvements.

It’s important to remember that AMD is working with developers to bring Anti-Lag+ back, looking for ways to integrate without falsely accusing anti-cheats. Updates to AMD Anti-Lag+ will be revealed in the future as development progresses, but for now the latest driver has already removed the technology.

Source: Valve