A review of Super Mario Bros. Wonder for my 5 year old daughter


At this point in the championship, you must be tired of knowing that Super Mario Bros. Wonder It really is an incredible game. Maybe the best Mario 2D from Super Mario Worldthe SNES classic — a comparison as powerful as it is true.

But this statement says as much about whoever makes it as it does about the game itself. It’s a clear testament to the quality of Nintendo’s new game, but it also shows that the person is already an old player, someone who already has a biased view of this return of the mustachioed hero to his essence. For that reason, I was wondering how new generations would receive the title without this nostalgic load in their baggage.

That’s when I chose my daughter as the ideal player. With only the film, the 1989 cartoon and Mario Kart 8 as character references, she could say better than anyone how much SMB. Wonder it works beyond nostalgia. And it didn’t take long for the shining eyes and the smile on the face to show how Nintendo’s magic goes beyond generations — and how, living up to the title, the game is capable of astonishing even those who aren’t old enough to understand why.

Children’s fascination

Zelda is only 5 years old, but she already has some experience with games. On your rating scale, Yoshi’s Crafted World is “Cute” and Kirby’s Return to Dreamland Deluxe it’s very cute”. Out of curiosity, I asked her what she thought of Super Mario Bros. Wonder. “And crazy”.

A succinct review, it’s true, but full of meaning. Even with her childish response, she made it clear that this colorful game that changes constantly as you progress through the levels was different from anything she had played before. It wasn’t a new scale of cute, but something new that she still couldn’t explain.

This feature, in fact, was what really caught his attention at first. From the “cute” look of the characters and scenarios to the more cartoonish animations of Mario, Luigi and even the enemies, Wonder It brings this fantastic aura of dreams at all times and magnetizes the child’s gaze, whether they are 5 or 55 years old.

But the visual fascination is nothing compared to the impact of the Phenomenal Flowers. The new items are the game’s greatest charm, breaking the logic and transforming the stage, the character, the mechanics and the way of playing itself. With each new level visited, she was excited to see how the game became something else that was even more fun. From the rain of hippos to the singing flowers (her favorites), it was in this madness that Nintendo won my daughter over.

That’s when I understood the crazy thing she was talking about. Super Mario Bros. Wonder is a game that delves into the world of imagination, both that of its creators and that of those who play it. It’s a game that breaks all its rules and logic in favor of a single commandment: to be fun. And even if a 5-year-old child has no idea about all the technicalities that lead to this, they understand in the purest and simplest way possible, which is by having fun with all that madness.

Accessible in the little things

Another thing that caught my attention in the relationship between Zelda and Super Mario Bros. Wonder it was how she adapted to the difficulty — or, better said, how the game adapted to her.

From the moment she laid eyes on the home screen, she decided she wanted to be Princess Peach. But it was a bit frustrating to die in the encounter with the first Goomba. That’s when she discovered that, with Yoshi, she could continue running over enemies in front of her without getting hurt.

This is a resource that we had already seen with Ledrão in New Super Luigi U, but which was extended to the colorful dinosaurs in the new game. When choosing these characters, the player does not suffer damage and can advance through the stages without major headaches.

It’s the type of feature that the most veteran player will ignore, but which makes all the difference for those just starting out. I had already tried to get the little one to play Mario 3 e Mario World, but the lack of an accessible mode put it off. In Wondershe finally felt welcomed into this universe of mushrooms and fire plants.

It seems silly, but it’s something that made contact and learning more friendly. She started to get used to the mechanics and logic of the game with this easy mode and it didn’t take long for her to start testing her new skills with the much-dreamed-of Peach. After some lost lives, she celebrated the first phase won with the princess like someone celebrating a goal.

The badge system was another little help she had to make things more practical. Super Mario Bros. Wonder brings these medals that give the character new abilities or change their movement. For him, the hidden blocks were great for preventing him from falling into holes or hitting obstacles.

Once again, it’s a new feature that serves both to add new layers of difficulty for veterans — good luck to anyone playing invisible — but makes everything much more accessible to newcomers. And reducing the difficulty is not making things boring, but making it so that those who are starting can also feel that they are evolving.

This is what I say that the greatest merit of Wonder it’s about having adapted to the style of a five-year-old child and not demanding the opposite. It’s a game that challenged me on many occasions and impressed me with its precise and well-thought-out level design, but it also opened its arms for a little girl to see how she can also do incredible things.

To play smiling

As I said, Zelda already has some gaming experience, but Super Mario Bros. Wonder It was the first time I saw her play a video game smiling like that. From the laughter with the singing plants to the celebration when passing the level, it’s as if you could see your first great memories with this franchise and its adorable characters being created — which reminded me of my first contact with Mario 3 decades ago.

It’s a wonder that makes perfect sense with the proposal as a whole. From the care in the visuals and animations to the crazy transformations of the stages to the challenge that faces both newcomers and veterans, this is a perfect game, just like Mario World It was on the SNES. But, for an entire generation starting now, Wonder This will be the benchmark to look for in the future — and that’s great.

Only there is something more. Nintendo delivered something so creative and fun that it becomes pointless to try to analyze it from the boring technical perspective of someone trying to dismantle the experience to explain it. In cases like this, the amazed look of a child is enough. So I have to agree with her and say that, yes, Super Mario Bros. Wonder and crazy.