A Plague Tale: Requiem is the big PlayStation Plus game for January 2024

Reprodução/Focus Entertainment, DrinkboxStudios

Sony revealed the titles that will be available to Playstation Plus Essential subscribers in January 2024. The highlight of the selection is certainly A Plague Tale: Requiemone of the best games of 2022 and sequel to the also praised A Plague Tale: Innocence.

In addition, subscribers will be able to download Evil West, third-person shooter that puts the player in control of a cowboy destroying vampires in the old west. Closing the month of PS Plus Essential, Nobody Saves the WorldRPG from the creators of Guacamelee.

A Plague Tale: Requiem and the rat hadouken

Following A Plague Tale: Innocence, Amicia and Hugo go to the extreme south of France, discovering new cities full of people. They start a new life with the hope of being able to get rid of or at least control Hugo’s curse. As seen in the previous game, the boy continues with his powers related to rats and this will once again attract danger to the duo.

When the boy’s powers get out of control, death and destruction return complete with rat hadouken. Yes, it seems like a silly way, but the kid manages to send rats on top of others. It’s up to Amicia to try to save everyone and her brother, containing her powers at all costs.

A Plague Tale: Requiem will be available for PlayStation 5.

Evil West and the bang bang with vampires

Evil West is a shooter where you are one of the last agents of a top secret institute that hunts vampires. When a threat begins to consume the United States’ border, you are sent to be humanity’s last line of defense against an ancient evil.

You can use a variety of firearms, as well as a gauntlet that releases lightning and other bizarre equipment to kill every monstrosity that comes your way. You can even unlock skills and advantages that will help you in combat against monsters, customizing the way your character can face them.

Evil West will be available for PlayStation 4 and PS5.

Nobody Saves the World and you deal with it

Created by the team behind Guacameleeplatform beat ’em up game, Nobody Saves the World is an RPG in which an ancient calamity awakens and puts the world in danger. No one can save the world. But that nobody is you, a being that can transform into several things and, therefore, is not really nobody.

By completing missions, you unlock different forms that will help you in combat against your enemies. Something interesting is that you complete missions in different ways, combining skills in completely crazy ways, but which fulfill your ultimate objective.

Nobody Saves the World will be available for PS4 and PS5.

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Special items for Warframe

In addition to the three games, PS Plus Essential subscribers will be able to download a special pack of items to War frame. Call of Warframe Syrinx Collectionit will be possible to download weapons, armor and other DLCs that will be included in your free game inventory.

The package includes:

  • Syrinx chest
  • Syrinx shoulder pads
  • Syrinx shin guards
  • Rifle Base
  • Cassowar Scythe
  • Storm core palette
  • Essential Basic Damage Mod Pack
  • Essential Critical Damage Mod Pack
  • 2x Orokin Catalysts
  • 170 Platinas
  • Affinity increase for 7 days
  • Credit increase for 7 days

Games and special items War frame will be made available in the PS Store update on January 2nd.