7 tips to start 2023 with a new job

7 tips to start 2023 with a new job

The turn of the year, for most people, is a time of great reflection and change. The famous saying “new year, new life” applies mainly in the professional field, where people seek career fulfillment or migrate from an area. However, to become active in the job market, you need to update yourself.

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Aiming to help those who want to acquire a new job, Growyx and Coodesh — startups from the Cubo Itaú hub for promoting technological entrepreneurship — have listed some tips to improve your resume, your connections on Linkedin and how to act in an interview, check it out:

7 tips to get a new job in 2023

1. Focused and updated curriculum

For those interested who are still at the beginning of their career, it is important to include in their resume all paid and unpaid work experiences, such as student organizations, internships, volunteering, freelancing and personal projects. As for the more experienced professionals, it is necessary to focus on the most relevant and prominent information, whether about education or experience.

“This will make it easier for the employer to quickly see why you are a good fit for the role and why they should consider you for an interview.” explains Caio Figueiredo, Growth Marketer at Growyx.

2. Use keywords

According to Gabriel Ferreira, CEO of Coodesh, using keywords on LinkedIn when describing the position is essential for your profile to be “seen”, as it makes it easier to be found in search results — increasing the chances of being selected. Technology professionals, for example, can adopt terms such as Frontend, HTML, Javascript, React, CSS, among others.

3. Look for connections

Coodesh’s CEO also reinforces the importance of investing in connections with professionals in his area of ​​expertise on LinkedIn, keeping himself updated on market trends by people who are active, in addition to expanding his network of contacts and knowledge.

“Expand your network, be courteous, open and always be in constant learning”, reinforces Ferreira.

4. Create a portfolio

Professionals from all sectors, but mainly design, should organize a portfolio with their previous works to present in selective processes or interviews. “(…) include your personal, study or professional projects on Github or on platforms that allow easy access to information”, emphasizes Gabriel Ferreira.

5. Be punctual

At the time of the interview, punctuality is key. Experts also reinforce the importance of assertiveness, answering questions honestly and transparently — don’t forget to emphasize the positive aspects of your experiences and skills, and how they will apply to the role you’re applying for.

“This will help the interviewer to see the value that your knowledge can bring to the company and will facilitate the image of you in the role.”, says Caio Figueiredo from Growyx.

Some points to be observed are: do not speak ill of previous employers; listen carefully to the options presented; asking thoughtful, relevant questions about the company to demonstrate interest and enthusiasm—and help identify potential red flags before accepting the job offer.

“Some good questions to ask might include, “What are the biggest challenges the team faces right now?” or “What opportunities are there for growth and development in this role?”, says Figueiredo.

6. Online Interviews

For online interviews, choose an organized, silent, well-lit place and invest in personal presentation – in addition to good image quality and a decent microphone. Finally, check the internet network connection to avoid drops and failures during the meeting.

7. Ask for feedback

Experts conclude by pointing out the importance of asking for feedback after an interview, regardless of whether you have received a job offer or not. This behavior will reveal points that need adjustments to get better performance in the next opportunities.

“It can also show the employer that you are proactive and open to learning and growth”, concludes the Growyx Growth Marketer.

Open positions at Cubo Itaú

Cubo Itaú has more than 35 vacancies available in several startups in the Hub. Anyone looking for a new job opportunity can now put the tips listed above into practice. Learn more on the Cubo Itaú careers website.