7 out of 10 companies pay for identity management tools they don’t use

7 out of 10 companies pay for identity management tools they don't use

Research powered by One Identity, the unified identity security company that is part of the Quest Software group, reveals that seven out of 10 companies are wasting money on identity management tools they don’t use. As data from the study, conducted with more than 1,000 IT security professionals, show, 96% of companies report using multiple tools, with 41% deploying at least 25 different systems to manage access rights.

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With the growth of virtual users and attacks based on privileged access, 70% of companies reported that they are paying for tools that are not used, weakening their cybersecurity strategies. In addition, more than half of the companies (52%) manage more than 10,000 users, including access granted to employees, devices, machines, digital access and customers. Experts point out that investing in several different solutions directly impacts your overall security posture.

“Our research shows that organizations see the negative impact of multiple fragmented software. By shifting the mindset of security professionals from a disparate tool-based approach to a platform approach, companies can improve their defenses to protect against the modern threat landscape,” adds Alessandro Regente, LATAM Director at One Identity/Quest Software .

The graph above reveals that nearly 9 out of 10 organizations were impacted by privilege-based attacks last year, with nearly 70% of organizations suffering a phishing attack. According to 80% of respondents, the impacts of attacks could have been avoided with the use of better management tools.

In addition, the inefficiencies of the tools have a direct effect on the companies’ businesses, from costs to productivity issues. The survey reveals that 42% of the companies that participated in the survey report that tool problems cost US$ 100,000 per year, more than R$ 500,000 at current prices. While 85% of respondents say they would save more than 10% of time by eliminating these inefficiencies.

Among other problems of productivity and compatibility of the tools that the research reveals, are:

  • 44% claim increased risk due to possible gaps in coverage;
  • 46% report that IT managers are spending too much time managing redundancies;
  • 46% reinforce that IT managers are managing too many tools to gain in-depth knowledge in any one of them;
  • 41% claim IT staff productivity is lower because they have to learn similar tasks across multiple systems.

improvement predictions

As the survey reveals, there is a silver lining to companies’ interest in improving their access security, with 90% of participating organizations planning to consolidate their security or virtual user management tools — with the majority of these companies intending to put their plans in place by 2023. More than half (54%) of respondents also believe that a unified platform for access and management would be ideal.

A summary of key research findings is available free of charge on the One Identity website.