5 tips to use data Reviews in favor of your business in 2023

5 tips to use data analysis in favor of your business in 2023

Data Reviews companies are gaining more and more prominence in the market today, as user data has become the most valuable asset for large corporations around the world. However, a survey carried out by TOTVS revealed that only 5% of companies believe they are making good use of data intelligence in their business.

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According to Larissa DeLucca, founder and CEO of the marketing agency Negócios Acelerados and President of the Mulheres Aceleradas Foundation, good data Reviews can pivot companies that, by using this information efficiently, can reduce costs and boost profits and the use of time.

“Through a well-done data Reviews, it is possible to maximize profit by reducing the company’s cost, improving the marketing machine, reducing unnecessary expenses and understanding within the consumer’s profile, where it makes sense to contact him and what way, improving the dynamics of the company, even internally, working on the employee’s time and engagement”, says DeLucca.

To help companies use data to their advantage, the executive listed the five tips below;

Data Reviews: 5 tips to use in favor of your business in 2023

1. Seize the Opportunity

According to the CEO, there are several marketing and public understanding strategies to start analyzing data. “(…) we can create pages, forms, marketing emails, a series of strategies that bring more and more information about your target audience”. She also states that each of these strategies has a different objective and are only possible through Reviews.

2. Data is key

Every company must analyze and manage data, as data is essential to improve its planning of products, services and promotions — directly impacting the profit of the business.

3. General Personal Data Protection Law

The General Law for the Protection of Personal Data (LGPD) stipulates rules and guidelines on how all user data handling should be done. Therefore, it is essential to be careful and create a data policy that is visible to your audience, as transparency is necessary and mandatory.

4. Have a good plan

Data Reviews is already widely used in the market for marketing and sales, especially in large companies. However, as the executive emphasizes, companies need to prepare themselves for this scenario in which data is very valuable: “today, data is worth more than oil, companies that manage data have a very high value and that changes everything within your business”.

5. Adapt your business

DeLucca ends by saying that the data can be used on several occasions, “you just need to understand how to use it”. In the case of events, it is possible to use the information to identify who are the most recurring people and those who go only once, in addition to observing who spends more, for example. This type of intelligence makes it possible to personalize suggestions for each client, by crossing this data.