5 reasons NOT to buy the Volkswagen Polo Highline 2023

5 reasons NOT to buy the Volkswagen Polo Highline 2023

Launched last year, the new Volkswagen Polo 2023 was repositioned to be the entry point for the German automaker’s passenger vehicles. Still made on the MQB platform, the hatch received design simplifications in all its versions to become more competitive and try to take the place of the VW Gol, also retired in 2022.

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The Highline version, the most expensive in the range, remains a great option in the compact hatch market, but maintains some of the negative points seen in the 2022 version, in addition to the simplifications already mentioned when we met the model at launch, in September.

FreeGameGuide spent a lot of time with the car and will tell you the main negative points of the model. They are not necessarily design defects or serious facts about the product, but points that may make you rethink the purchase.

See below the five reasons not to buy the Volkswagen Polo Highline 2023.

5. Finishing

Critical point in the 2022 version, the finish remains a thorn in the side of the life of the VW Polo 2023, even in the Highline variant. Volks tried to put a new stamp on the panel to give an impression of more refinement and, in the first contact with the car, it even succeeded, but as the days went by, the conclusion is that nothing has improved.

4. Design has not improved

I think that design is a matter of personal taste and here I take full responsibility. I liked the VW Polo better before this restyling. The old model was more aggressive, had more visual features, such as fog lights and 17-inch wheels (which also affect dynamics, of course). The Polo is not an ugly car, quite the contrary, but I think it was prettier before than it is today.

3. Simplification is felt in the details

Living with the VW Polo 2023 was extremely pleasant and we understand what the new hatch proposal is. But we also feel that Volkswagen has simplified the project and this can be seen in some details. There is more noise in the cabin, such as the plastics on the dashboard and seats, in addition to the sound insulation having deteriorated.

And as we mentioned the seats, it is worth noting that they are now less comfortable than in the 2022 version, and are solid, something that can bother those traveling in the back row.

2. Could have active security items

Even if more competitive because of its qualities and readjusted price, the VW Polo 2023 could be more equipped, as with its most direct rivals, the Hyundai HB20 and the Chevrolet Onix. Both compact hatches are already equipped with active safety items, such as frontal collision alert, automatic emergency braking, blind spot alert, lane departure alert with correction and centering and even semi-autonomous parking assistant.

1. Loss of passive security items

Biggest criticism on top of this hatch update, the departure of items such as disc brakes on the rear wheels and the option of having only 4 airbags (and not 6 as in the 2022 version) make the Polo lose some of the premium air that had and that was one of its trump cards before the competition.

The car was not unsafe. It brakes well and the bags cover the head and trunk laterally, but the feeling of losing items in a car that exceeds R$ 100,000 is uncomfortable.