5 Marvel heroes who deserve a game like Spider-Man 2

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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 arrived on the PlayStation 5 showing the strength of a character like Spider-Man in games, especially when things work well like in this game. However, although Amigão da Vizinhança is the big star of the moment, he is not the only character with the potential to star in a story like this and other heroes could receive the same affection and have their own games, taking advantage of their unique powers and plots to create something captivating for the player.

And examples abound. Marvel has a huge number of heroes with this more urban feel, which allows for a very varied approach in terms of gameplay and possibilities. After all, at the same time that they are among the population to stop a robbery at the neighborhood grocery store, they are also beating up a villain who wants to dominate the world or something similar.

Thinking about these possibilities and how cool it would be to control these characters in absolutely bombastic games, we’ve put together some names that would make good games. It is not necessary for them to look like Spider-Man 2but that have the same level of quality so that we are happy.

5. Ant-Man

Despite having already appeared in some form in games such as LEGO Marvel Super Heroes or The AvengersO Ant Man never starred in his own story. Of course, the character’s popularity seems to depend a lot on its film adaptations, but an Ant-Man game could be very interesting, if it were done carefully.

A game with a cinematic and more linear adventure with Hank Pym in the role of the hero, exploring locations in their natural or reduced size, being able to control hordes of ants or enter into combat using his powers to have the impact of a bullet with each punch, would be pretty fun. Just the mechanics of shrinking and growing are interesting enough.

Furthermore, sequels could further explore the quantum realm and other characters from the Marvel universe, further expanding Ant-Man’s role.

4. Moon Knight

Many call the Moon Knight from Marvel’s Batman. Considering this and the franchise Batman Arkham, a game for the character that would place him on the streets of New York fighting common and supernatural enemies in a way that uses all his skills seems like a more than welcome combination. Combine this with the possibility of creating different ways of dealing with missions due to Marc Spector’s multiple personalities and you have a more than fun premise.

The game could follow the mold of Spider-Man 2, with a gigantic map of New York to be explored, showing a dirtier and more violent side of the city. Furthermore, the personalities themselves could offer different mechanics, changing the way of playing depending on who is in charge.

Think about the character switch we saw in Spider-Man 2, but in a single body. Thus, we would have a much tougher Marc Spector with skills focused on hand-to-hand combat, while Jake Lockley brings stealth mechanics that can be taken advantage of when he is the dominant personality.

Marvel, call me and let’s talk about this.

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3. Jessica Jones

Another character that deserved a little attention in games is Jessica Jones. Although she has her superpowers, which would help a lot in moments of action and fighting, a game of INDEEDmore investigation-oriented, could create a great experience for comic book fans.

In addition to allowing for a leaner budget, due to the gameplay style, the Jessica Jones game could focus more on its story, in addition to featuring appearances from other characters that are always around Jones, such as Luke Cage It is Iron fist. It would be a perfect opportunity to explore more of those investigation mechanics that the series Batman Arkham used so well in the first games and was little explored in other games.

2. Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange has appeared in titles such as Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 It is Midnight Suns, but a title just about the Supreme Sorcerer could be a lot of fun as it addresses a magical and completely insane side of the Marvel Universe. Imagine a game along the lines of Unchartedwith Stephen Strange traveling the world and exploring various locations in this and other dimensions, using his magical powers to save the universe.

Using the most video game mechanics possible, the story of the first game could explore a powerful Doctor Strange who, due to some trickery, loses all his powers and needs to regain them until a gigantic final battle. The idea of ​​recovering your magical artifacts and regaining spells is perfect for the progression logic of a game, as is the possibility of releasing improvements and variations of these magical arts as you evolve. And all this with the possibility of playing with the crazy dimensions and realities that the hero is involved in in the comics.

Deep down, you know this would be really cool!

1. Daredevil

Whenever there is an announcement about the creation of a game based on Marvel characters, we always see Spider-Man, X-Men and even Captain America or Iron Man being remembered. But there is always a name that fans frequently ask for but are never heard of. And the cry is always the same: “Why hasn’t anyone made a decent Daredevil game yet?”

In 2003, at the time of the launch of Daredevil: The Man Without Fear In theaters, there was a game based on the film in development, but it ended up being cancelled. Since then, Daredevil has been limited to making cameo appearances in titles such as LEGO Marvel Super Heroes It is Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, but without ever taking the lead. In Marvel’s Spider-Manit is possible to find Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson’s office and that’s it.

This Easter egg indicates that it exists within that universe. The map is now ready. Just make the way he moves around the city a little more restrained than Spider-Man and adapt the hero’s moves. Even that radar that the hero has has become a function in practically every AAA game nowadays.

Why didn’t they make a Daredevil game? You could even put it in there with a crossover with Jessica Jones and create a Defenders DLC. Insomniac, Wolverine is really cool, but we’ve already seen a dozen games of him. We know what it’s like when there’s a good game for the character (X-Men: Origins Wolverine is much better than it had any right to be), so please give us a Daredevil game, for all that is holy. Even the modder community has had to appeal to make this happen.

Someone give Daredevil a chance!