5 areas that digitized services and more hire tech professionals in 2023

5 areas that digitized services and more hire tech professionals in 2023

The covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation in all sectors of the industry, which have been forced to adapt to the virtual environment in order to survive the restrictions of recent years. In this way, the demand for professionals in the technological area has grown, making them fundamental in the most diverse types of companies, from the finance sector to health — segments that were not traditionally born in digital media and that have been looking for more tech professionals in recent years.

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Data from Sirius Educação, a Higher Education institution specialized in training in the area of ​​Data Science, reveal that students who graduate from the courses are selected for all types of companies, which are always in search of innovative expertise. For Arnóbio Morelix, co-founder and CEO of the school, digitization encompasses processes common to all segments.

“Companies that are not updating themselves are falling behind. Therefore, in addition to there being many opportunities, professionals are entering businesses that think in the long term and usually offer good career plans”, explains Morelix.

The executive also points out that Data Science is the basis for any action in the technology sector, since it is fundamental for the appropriate use of data, from collection to Reviews, used mainly in strategic decision-making. According to surveys by The Bridge, the five main segments in search of professionals in the area are:

5 areas that digitized services and more hire tech professionals in 2023

1. Finance

Another consequence of the pandemic was the high take-up of financial services through digital platforms, with the success of Pix and digital wallets as the main proof. Morelix underscores the importance of the data professional in the rapidly growing financial sector, saying: “Here, Data Science is prominent in hiring, as fintechs deal with sensitive data from their clients and need to be extra careful in all internal decisions”.

2. Insurers

Insurtechs, from the English insurance, are companies specialized in solutions for the provision of insurance. The modality is on the rise and, like fintechs, they need to have an advanced security system when dealing with sensitive customer data. As The Bridge reveals, in addition to data professionals, these companies focus on customer experience and service agility.

3. Retail

Currently, retail is one of the most relevant sectors around the world, moving the economy with the growth of e-commerce. In this sector, the professionals in focus are specialists in virtual stores, such as web or mobile developers, UX and UI designers, automation team, digital marketing and much more.

4. Logistics

The logistics segment had to grow to keep up with the expansion of e-commerce and the expressive increase in deliveries — causing problems for unprepared companies. In this case, technology is indispensable to handle control over fleets, routes and transport systems and to maintain the flow of deliveries satisfactorily.

5. Health

The health area uses technological solutions to diagnose, improve care and take research to another level. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) stands out for its numerous possibilities for identifying patterns, disease progression and aiding preventive treatments. Another essential resource is Big Data, as data is the basis of scientific research and the development of new treatments.

Finally, Morelix concludes that each sector has its demands, but that technology professionals are required in all of them. “Technology tends to dominate more and more processes, and the public in most segments has adapted well to innovations so far. Companies that understand this have many opportunities for growth, and their teams grow together”, concludes the executive.