45-year-old man spends 10 million reais a year to “go back” to 18

45-year-old man spends 10 million reais a year to "go back" to 18

The fountain of youth is a dream pursued by thousands of people throughout history. Although the existence of rejuvenating waters remains a myth, American millionaire and businessman Bryan Johnson, 45, believes he can reverse his biological age, going back to 18 years. In this “mythical” journey, he is assisted by a team of more than 30 health professionals, including doctors, and must spend more than 10 million reais a year (about 2 million dollars).

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Before starting the new venture in search of rejuvenation, Johnson is known for founding the companies OS Fund and Kernel. The latter has been developing devices for monitoring brain activity since its creation in 2016. He is clearly a biohacking enthusiast.

What is the millionaire’s strategy to get back to age 18?

Led by MD and regenerative medicine specialist Oliver Zolman, the quest for this almost magical rejuvenation formula is based on the latest discoveries in the field of longevity, which involves a vegan diet of 1,900 calories per day, daily exercise and schedules. strictly regular sleep schedules—two hours before bed, Johnson starts wearing glasses that block out blue light. For this year, he still must undergo a series of experimental gene therapies, which reprogram flaws in his DNA.

Johnson’s strategies and some medical data are shared publicly so that other people can also be inspired by his project, dubbed the Blueprint. The following description appears on the initiative’s website:

“Blueprint is a public scientific experiment to determine whether it is possible to remain at the same biological age. This requires slowing down aging processes as much as possible and then reversing the aging that has already occurred,” states the initiative’s website.

How much improvement was it possible to obtain in the Blueprint project?

With the new activity routine, “all the markers we are tracking have improved remarkably,” says Jeff Toll, one of Johnson’s team members, for the Bloomberg website. Tests show that the millionaire has already reduced his general biological age and is 42 years old. In addition, markers indicate that he has the heart of a 37-year-old, the skin of a 28-year-old, and the lung capacity and physical shape of an 18-year-old.

“Currently, my aging rate is 0.76. That means that every 365 days of the year, I age 277 days. My goal is to remain biologically the same age for every 365 days that pass,” adds Johnson on the benefits of the undertaking.

Background of the project that hopes to revolutionize how we age

According to Johnson, the rejuvenation initiative came when he was going through a bad moment in his personal life. At that time, he identified the following behaviors, problems and risks in his routine:

  • High levels of stress;
  • Overeating, associated with anxiety, and obesity;
  • Chronic depression, anxiety and suicidal ideation.

It is to regain control of his body and also his life that Johnson has invested so much in his personal project. “On the surface, the Blueprint can seem like something about health, wellness and aging. To me, it’s a philosophy,” he says.

Below, check out Bryan Johnson’s daily routine, where he seeks to rewind his biological age to 18:

Are there scientific studies on the millionaire rejuvenation strategy?

Although part of his routine and diet are available for consultation, in addition to some health data, no scientific study has unraveled the millionaire’s physical improvements in recent months. In an article, published by a reputable journal, the data would be reviewed by other researchers, which would make the specialists’ allegations — today, informal and questionable — a reliable source.

Source: Bloomberg and Blueprint