4 tips for identifying a fake Instagram profile

4 tips for identifying a fake Instagram profile

Fake profiles or fakes are a big problem in social networks. There are several cases in which accounts are created with the intention of bringing misinformation or inducing possible followers to scams and other types of damage. Although many networks develop measures to contain the creation of fakes, even declared in terms of use, it is possible to encounter misleading accounts.

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For these situations, there are some useful mechanisms and tips for identifying a fake profile. Most of them involve noting the behavior of these accounts: number of followers and accounts followed, profile pictures, usernames, publications, among others. See below for some ways to identify a fake Instagram profile.

1. Access account information

Resource allows access to more account information (Photo: Reproduction / André Magalhães)

Since 2018, Instagram has made available the option "About this account" in profiles with a high number of followers or that run ads on the social network. When accessing it, it displays information such as the account creation date, location, possible previously used names and pages with shared followers.

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This data is important to assist in the identification of profiles: fake accounts usually have a recent creation date and may have changed the name on other occasions. To find the option, enter a profile with many followers click on the icon with three dots, located in the upper right corner. Then select "About this account".

2. Check stamp

Icon next to the name signals a real account (Photo: Reproduction / André Magalhães)

Another popular resource for public accounts is the checkmark. Profiles with this icon next to the username are considered authentic by the social network itself. Therefore, when faced with an account with the name of a famous person or institution, the presence of this seal can help confirm whether it is true or not.

3. Unusual profile movement

Pay attention to low-traffic profiles (Photo: Reproduction / André Magalhães)

Some patterns of behavior may indicate the presence of a fake Instagram account. The number of followers and accounts followed is one of them: few followers and many accounts followed can be a suspicious sign, as well as a low number of accounts followed and then, without a profile picture, can also serve as indicators.

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Other signs can be noticed by viewing the publications. It is common for fake profiles to have few posts, while the ones that exist are recent and triggered in a short time. Within each photo, note whether there is an excessive use of hashtags or the presence of standardized comments – these attitudes are also common among fakes.

4. Profile picture and username

Beware of repeated photos (Photo: Reproduction / André Magalhães)

In some cases, the profile identification itself may indicate a fake. Pay attention to the photo used: it is common for fakes to use generic, repeated or with some type of ad inserted. The profile name can have generic trends, such as an appealing name or full of numbers and codes.

I found a fake profile: what to do?

According to Instagram's terms of use, a user "cannot impersonate other people or provide inaccurate information". Thus, it is possible to report these types of profiles for violating community rules. To do this, click on the three dots icon in a profile and select "Report". Then, follow the steps proposed by the social network.

If you are a person of public importance and have noticed the existence of an account pretending to be your identity, Instagram allows you to fill out a form, which can be accessed by clicking here.