3% | Remember what happened in the series to marathon the 4th season

3% | Remember what happened in the series to marathon the 4th season

The final season of 3%, Netflix's original Brazilian series, is finally among us. This Friday (14), we will follow what will happen with Maralto, Concha and Continente. The plot is by Pedro Aguilera and already has three seasons on Netflix.

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The series debuted in 2016 telling the story of a post-apocalyptic future that left many people living in poverty and without resources, however, a group of people created what can be called Paradise, with everything it takes to survive and have a comfortable life.

However, only 3% of people can live there and for that it is necessary to prove that they are worthy. A lot happens in Maralto and on the Continent, and to warm up before checking out the new episodes it's time to remember the best moments. Check out the summary that FreeGameGuide prepared:

Image: Disclosure / Netflix

First season

It all starts when we know a post-apocalyptic world that is divided between the Continent and the Maralto. In Mainland Portugal, people are extremely poor, and in Maralto are all the resources necessary to have a perfect life, such as water, food, quality of life and technology. But entering this ideal world is not easy, as one must deserve to be there.

Only 3% of the population can live in Maralto and, for that to happen, it is necessary to participate in the Process, which consists of physical and intellectual tests, which are not always fair. Young people spend their entire lives waiting for the age at which they can do the Process, 20 years old, and this ends up being decisive for their lives.

There are, however, those who are against the Process and the inequalities caused by Maralto and have come together to destroy it: the Cause. The series then begins with Michele (Bianca Comparato) being an infiltrator of the Cause in the Process, having as main motivation to look for her brother, André (Bruno Fagundes) who participated in the selection and never came back. His target is also the leader of these tests, Ezequiel (João Miguel).

Image: Disclosure / Netflix

We are introduced to the character Joana, played by Vaneza Oliveira, who only wants to enter the Maralto to escape the mainland militia after accidentally murdering the son of the leader of the criminal group. Then we met the character Rafael (Rodolfo Valente) who, in fact, is called Thiago. He is also an infiltrator of the cause and is participating in the Process a second time, using the identity of the younger brother, whom he had to kill.

We started to follow what are the tests of the Process, with emphasis on the cube test, being just one of the difficult stages that will define who deserves or not to go to Maralto. It is when we see that not everything seems so fair and that the rules can be modified during the course of the tests.

The character Ezequiel begins to reveal all his secrets and to bring distrust to his colleagues in the Process. He was married to Julia (Mel Fronckowiak), a woman who had a son while still on the Continent and who was never able to cope very well with the separation. This confusion causes her to commit suicide in Maralto, until Ezequiel decides to start hiding with this son to help him pass the Process there in the future.

Then, we see the story of Marco (Rafael Lozano), who belongs to the Alvarez family, who thinks he is superior. They are known to always go through the Process, bringing more responsibility to Marco. However, the character ends up losing control by wanting to pass the selection at all costs and prove his own poison in one of the tests, having his legs amputated, in addition to not passing, of course.

Image: Disclosure / Netflix

At the end of the process, Fernando (Michel Gomes) ends up being deceived when they say that Michele, with whom he was having a "roll", had not gone through the last stage and decided to give up, also going against his father's wishes. However, she remained there and he had to leave. Then, a crucial moment came for Michele: to poison Ezekiel. The plan, however, goes wrong and an innocent person dies.

This was enough for Michele to be caught and tortured by Ezequiel until she confessed that she was from the Cause. However, he was also an infiltrator and knows that Michele was deceived by the Old Man (Celso Frateschi). He ends up revealing to her that, in fact, André was not dead.

Those who passed the Process needed to receive a vaccine that sterilizes them, after all no child should be born and raised in Maralto, since they did not deserve to be there. In this world, heredity is worthless. Another tense moment was also when Joana needed to murder one of the people who wanted her head on the Continent, as the last test. It does not accept and disapprove the Process.

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Second season

Image: Disclosure / Netflix

The second season of 3% begins by showing us that the founding couple was actually a trio (or a trisal) and they were the ones who created Maralto, the rules of who deserves to live there or not and the whole Process. In Maralto, Rafael is working as a division soldier, which is also part of his infiltration process in the Cause.

Speaking of Cause, they are planning a much larger attack involving a bomb explosion during the Process. Joana discovers these plans and tries to prevent this from happening, creating alternatives to sabotage Maralto that does not involve the death of innocents. Meanwhile, Fernando tries to convince his best friend, Glória (Cynthia Senek) not to participate in the Process, already knowing what will happen. She, very stubborn, does not hear anything that the friend says and still believes that he is lying so that she does not leave.

Michele is still a little stunned by everything that happened in the first season, but it doesn't take long for Ezequiel to start disturbing her again. He wants her to infiltrate the Cause again and sends her to the Continent, in exchange for the release of André, who is under arrest for having committed a murder.

Rafael has not yet managed to communicate with the Cause, until he manages to return to the Continent for his work as a soldier. There, he warns his colleagues that Michele is no longer reliable as she is now an ally of Ezekiel. During his stay on the Continent, Marcela (Laila Garin), his superior, appears there. To prove that he is not an infiltrator of the Cause, he ends up killing colleague Ivana (Roberta Calza), at her request, which leaves him traumatized.

Image: Disclosure / Netflix

Then comes the end of Ezekiel. Marcela discovers his plans to infiltrate, which involves detonating the bomb in the Process, and she ends up murdering him cruelly. However, he dies as a hero because the situation was set up so that the population of the Continent believed that the Cause was responsible. Michele manages to steal the bomb, but Marcela takes it and the internal one so that her memory is erased.

Meanwhile, Fernando is active in the mission of preventing the Process and ends up revealing secrets to the population of the Continent. Joana is arrested by the militia, but soon frees herself, and finds Marco, who is thirsty for revenge for everything he has gone through. Michele, thanks to his insistence, manages to free André, who begins to recover his memory little by little. We find out that he was arrested for murder and that he knows dangerous secrets about the founding couple.

When hiding in a bunker with Michele, André remembers that he discovered a video that shows what happened to a member of the "trisal" founder. She did not want to make drastic decisions to open Maralto ahead of time, which would involve the death of several people from the Continent, and was eventually murdered for disagreeing. However, André agreed with all this and shows himself to be a great villain.

Rafael is trying to steal Maralto's data, but is attacked by Michele who takes this information and takes it to the council. It is when she suggests the creation of a place called Concha, that would shelter anyone, without any kind of Process. For that, she would deliver and the data and receive in exchange the location, seeds, vitamins and everything else that is necessary to survive. With the agreement accepted, she calls Fernando to create the Shell with her.

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Third season

Image: Disclosure / Netflix

With the Shell working hard and strong and everyone happy, a sandstorm appears and ends it all. With the inclusion plans affected, the local resources are starting to run out as there is no water to plant and the stock has been invaded and stolen. Marcela then appears saying that she can help the people who live there by providing these resources, in exchange for becoming the new leader.

Michele refuses and decides to create a process to get people out of there, temporarily, until everything is rebuilt. Meanwhile, we find out that Fernando died during the construction of the Concha. The evidence is extreme and begins to bother local residents, who soon revolt.

Joana discovers that there was a chance that they would be helped by Maralto, but that Michele did not accept, and tells Glória, who revolts. She tells this information to all residents of Concha and creates a dangerous revolution, causing everyone who had to leave to invade, leaving Michele with no alternative but to flee. Marco becomes the great leader of this revolution.

Joana and Michele then discover that Maralto sabotaged the shell, blaming the sandstorm, as an attempt to deliver a big blow. So, together, they want to prove to the people that they were all victims of Maralto's people and their evil plans.

Image: Disclosure / Netflix

While investigating, they discover that Rafael was manipulated to sabotage the Shell. She shows everyone what happened and blames Marcela, who becomes more hated than ever. She is captured by the people of Concha and André becomes the head of the Maralto Process and asks for war. Then, the season comes to an end leaving room for a great war in the next episodes, which will be the finals.

The fourth and final season of 3% opens this Friday, August 14th.