25 sec Entertainment Matrix Resurrections | Theory suggests that new Morpheus is an agent of machines

25 sec Entertainment Matrix Resurrections |  Theory suggests that new Morpheus is an agent of machines

Although the first trailer for The Matrix Resurrections has brought several elements of the story of the new film, it also left some gaps that continue to keep fans awake and leave room for the emergence of various theories. The main one is about the supposed new Morpheus, played by actor Yahya Abdul-Mateen II. And the most recent hypothesis that has come to be speculated is that the character will not be one of the heroes, as in the original trilogy, but a tool of the villains. That’s because, according to theory, this young Morpheus isn’t even real.

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According to what some fans believe, the character must appear in The Matrix 4 as a simulacrum created by the machines to keep the Chosen One (Keanu Reeves) trapped within the artificial reality created by them. Thus, while the original Morpheus was the element that awakened Neo to the world outside the Matrix, the new one would be used in an entirely opposite sense.

According to theory, new Morpheus will mimic the original to keep Neo inside the Matrix (Image: Reproduction/Warner Bros.)
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And there is some evidence to support this theory. The first one is the change in the cast. Of the original trio, only the actor who plays Morpheus has been replaced and both Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss return to play Neo and Trinity. And although one of the possible explanations is that of the cyclical character of the Matrix, there is also room to suppose that this change is related to the character’s new function.

Thus, the fact that Laurence Fishburne has not been cast was something thought since the construction of the script for the film and not the result of a dispute between the actor and the director Lana Wachowski. In recent interviews, Fishburne said he wasn’t even called into The Matrix Resurrections and that anyone who wanted to understand why he was left out of the sequel was to question the filmmaker.

And if the answer is in the plot, there is the possibility that the switch could be explained as a kind of machine security measure to keep the Chosen under control. As the original trilogy presented, Neo restarted the Matrix and what we would see in the new film would be a solution found by the artificial intelligence that governs this world of keeping the protagonist isolated, that is, without interfering in the direction of the programming.

Theory is also based on why Laurence Fishburne wasn’t even called for The Matrix 4 (Image: Reproduction/Warner Bros.)

This is a theme that the trailer itself suggests. As many people have noticed, Neo’s analyst, played by Neil Patrick Harris, also plays this role of keeping the hero under control, offering him blue pills that keep him oblivious to the reality outside the Matrix.

And what this new theory suggests is that the young Morpheus is just one more part of this great machine-made setup, as he would rely on the trustworthy figure the character and audience know to make sure things go as planned. That way, instead of causing Neo to wake up outside the Matrix, I would do anything to keep him inside.

The theory gains strength when we think that, after being reset, it would make sense for the Matrix to have its security enhanced by machines. And if Neo is largely responsible for the disorder that escapes established programming, the strategy of isolating him is completely logical. So much so that Morpheus is not the only bet of fans to be this trick of the machines and there are those who even believe that Trinity can be used to neutralize Neo and his powers.

Either way, this all makes sense in one way or another, which means we’ll have to wait until The Matrix Resurrections premieres to see exactly what’s to come. The film hits Brazilian theaters on December 22nd, which means we won’t have to wait long to find out who—if any—the imposter in all this.