10 tips to use Microsoft Teams in the best way

10 tips to use Microsoft Teams in the best way

Microsoft Teams is one of the leading corporate software for remote work. The communication hub brings together in a single app the possibility of exchanging messages, participating in video calls and integrating use with other Microsoft tools, such as Outlook and SharePoint.

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Those who use Teams in their professional routine can explore the platform beyond basic communication functions. The software has useful features capable of boosting productivity and simplifying the interface in meetings or daily conversations. Check out some tips.

1. Customize notifications

Teams lets you configure how and when notifications are sent. This option is important to avoid distractions in moments of focus and only sends alerts in exceptional cases, such as mentions or general notices in the workgroup. To change, go to the “Notifications” tab in the app settings.

2. Save important messages

There are different methods to highlight an important message in Teams. One of them is the option to pin a message in channels, which displays the content at the top of the chat. In addition, the application includes an icon to save any message, with a shortcut to find them quickly.

3. Use the search tool

Even without saved messages, it’s still easy to find old content in Teams conversations. The application’s search tool has features to locate a message by name of the person who sent it, date or subject, in addition to allowing the search for channels or group conversations.

4. Create polls

In the message creation box, it is possible to assemble a poll for the conversations. Teams polls can receive up to 12 different alternatives and the possibility of voting for more than one option.

5. Choose when to open Teams

On some computers, Microsoft Teams opens automatically right after the machine starts up, however, this can consume a lot of hardware resources. To disable, go to Teams settings or change this setting in the operating system.

6. Change background in video calls

As with other video conferencing apps, Teams also makes it possible to change the background in meetings and calls. The user can choose between blurring the background or replacing it with any image saved on the device.

7. Use the discussion rooms

Need to discuss an issue quickly during a meeting? It is possible to create an escape room to chat with some participants separately. Click the meeting icon to add up to 50 rooms to a meeting and choose the number of people per space.

8. Integrate Teams with other apps

To complement the Teams experience, it’s worth checking out the platform’s integrations with other apps. Among Microsoft’s software, Outlook, SharePoint and the Microsoft Office package stand out. In addition, the messenger can be connected with Asana, Google Calendar and other third-party apps.

9. Make work easier with keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts in Teams can perform different functions, such as opening conversations, accessing search, or managing commands in meetings. To see the complete list, type Ctrl + . in the Teams app.

10. Translate messages into other languages

Finally, the app also has a native translation tool. If you have received a message in another language, click on the three dots icon in the text and select “Translate”.