10 most bizarre games on Steam

Reprodução/Sketchy Logic, Bossa Studios, Maggese

Steam is certainly the biggest PC gaming service, with over 50,000 titles available to buy and play on your computer. But among all the great games you can enjoy, there are those that are a little “outside the curve”, with absurdly bizarre themes and styles.

These games are not particularly bad, some manage to be quite fun within what they propose, but it is undeniable that when trying to describe them, anyone must spend a few minutes trying to understand the complete madness that they are.

10. Watching Grass Grow VR – The Game

With virtual reality technology evolving more and more to deliver good games, some developers really decide to think “outside the box” and invent fashion to make their experience, at least, different.

Proof of this is the launch of Watching Grass Grow VR – The Game, a game where you watch grass grow. It seems like a joke (and it is), but a good part of the game is actually watching a tuft of grass grow. When enemies start appearing to destroy your little piece of nature, you can use flamethrowers and rocket launchers to protect yourself because subtlety is not your strong suit in the game.

9. Old School

Until today, Bully, the Rockstar Games game where you are a juvenile delinquent at a boarding school, is considered one of the company’s best titles, with thousands of people asking for a sequel. These people can have a lot of fun (or rethink their tastes) with Old School.

The game allows you to create a student who will need to compete with other students every day in a school where just studying is not enough. You can participate in tests, create bonds with other characters, and obviously, fight in the school hallways because apparently that’s what everyone wants to see in a game that takes place in a student environment.

8. Aviary Attorney

Do you know what’s better than a lawyer? A pigeon lawyer. I know this doesn’t make any sense and it seems like a joke that only those who tell it find it funny, I personally laughed heartily, but that’s more or less the idea behind Aviary Attorney.

The game takes place in 1848, in a Paris where prisons are overcrowded with guilty and innocent people. But there is someone who can solve this: Monsieur Jayjay Falcon, a hawkish lawyer. Alongside his assistant, a sparrow, he interviews his clients, searches for evidence and tries to bring the culprits to justice. He is basically a Ace Attrorney: Phoenix Wrightbut with very well designed birds, in a game that looks much more fun than bizarre.

7. Hatoful Boyfriend

If you don’t like lawyer birds, you might prefer, and this is very strange to say, to maintain a relationship with them. That’s the idea behind Hatoful Boyfriend, a relationship simulator in which you are accepted into a prestigious school for “talented birds”. Initially, you can see a human version of the characters you meet, but soon you see their true form: pigeons.

It’s impossible not to laugh at the game, which is done with a seriousness that moves even players with a heart of stone. In the game, you take part in tests to improve your school performance, while getting to know your potential suitors more and developing a story with them.

It’s incredible, it’s bizarre, it’s Hatoful Boyfriend.

6. Don’t Make Love

Continuing in the mood of love and “what am I doing with my life?”, Don’t Make Love is a game in which you take control of a praying mantis experiencing a dilemma. A couple loves each other very much, but they feel the desire to consummate this love in a more intimate way. The problem is that this will lead to the male’s death.

A decision needs to be made and you, using words typed on your keyboard, need to find a balance in a situation where there is no satisfactory solution for everyone. Don’t Make Love It’s a bizarre game due to the theme it uses, but it’s impossible to say that it isn’t creative and quite interesting, using illustrations and a soundtrack that adapts to the mood of your praying mantis partner.

5. Dinner Date

Everyone who ventures on the tortuous road of love and relationships will eventually be left wanting, receiving the infamous “stub” from someone. No matter how popular a person is, rejection comes, even if it’s just once.

Creating this delicious atmosphere, let’s talk about Dinner Date, a “I was left alone in the restaurant” simulator. Julian Luxemburg prepared dinner for two at his home, but things went wrong and the guest simply didn’t show up.

As time passes and loneliness takes over, you take on the role of Julian’s subconscious, questioning things about work, friends and the girl who stood him up, while eating alone. It’s sad, but much more interesting than it appears.

4. I am Bread

Nowadays, it’s difficult to find a mundane activity that hasn’t become a simulator of something for computers or video games. After the farmer, truck driver and bus driver simulators, weird simulators started to appear, as is the case with I am Bread.

As the name suggests, you control a slice of bread, moving in a completely clumsy way across a large scene, trying to reach your place in a toaster.

3. Granny Simulator

Continuing with the momentum of simulators of everything, Granny Simulator It’s a granny simulator. In the game, you can control two characters: an old lady and her grandson. Grandma’s goal is to perform daily tasks without falling and possibly breaking her hip. As the grandson, you must find everything in your path and throw it at the lady, using brutality to simply mess up the poor old woman’s day.

It seems like an absurd game, in which chaos takes over the entire gameplay, but there are objectives on both sides of the gameplay, which require both the grandmother and her grandson to explore the entire scenario in order to reach the end of the day in one piece.

2. Chupa Chupa VR

There are some games that seem like a joke and don’t really exist. The description of Chupa Chupa VR It almost makes me believe that it was all a big trick to make someone open the executable and receive a message saying “Take a good look at what you’re doing”.

The game description is as follows: Chupa Chupa VR is a classic stealth licking game where you lick recorders, drinks and other things in a classroom while trying not to get caught by the girls.

Seriously, guys.

1. Genital Jousting

Genital Jousting It’s a unique game on Steam to say the least. Released by Devolver Digital, the game features online or local multiplayer matches and a story mode about John, a character looking for a date to take to his high school reunion.

It seems like there’s nothing strange about the game, until you see that you control a penis. Just a penis also equipped with testicles and an anal cavity. Your goal is to fit into each other, accumulating points. It’s obviously a very bizarre game, but also hilarious, as the chaotic situations with high sexual content can generate laughter among friends online.

There really are everything on Steam.