10 cars that went through profound changes

10 cars that went through profound changes

The Chevrolet Montana 2023 is just one of many car models that, over the years, have undergone profound changes when the manufacturer decides to put a new generation on the market, but without losing the name and identification with the consumer passionate about the brand.

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In certain situations, the changes are so profound that the name is literally the only similarity between the “original” car and the new version launched on the market under the same seal. He doubts? Then pay attention to the list of 10 cars that underwent radical changes that FreeGameGuide has prepared for you.

10. Chevrolet Montana

As we mentioned above, the Nova Montana, the name given by General Motors to the restyled version of the pickup in its 2023 model, is one of the 10 cars that underwent profound changes and, therefore, opens our list.

The pickup arrived here in 2003 and, at the time, it was known as ‘Corsa with bucket’. Its second generation appeared in 2010, already with visual changes, but nothing as radical as the New Montana, debuting on the market in 2023 and General Motors’ bet to displace the leader Fiat Toro.

9. Chevrolet Tracker

The second among the cars that underwent profound changes between generations on our list is also from General Motors, but from the SUV segment. We are talking about the Chevrolet Tracker. And he was very different from the model that surpassed the Jeep Renegade and closed 2022 as the best seller of the year in its category.

When it arrived here in the early 2000s, more precisely in 2001, with a ‘handsome’ Suzuki Grand Vitara and a much more off-road footprint than the current one. And the visual similarity was not for nothing, since GM and the Japanese automaker were partners. Today, the Tracker is only sold in Brazil under that name, as it is known abroad as Trax.

8. Kia Sportage

Another SUV that has become unrecognizable over the years, and has changed for the better, is the Kia Sportage. Launched in Brazil in a hybrid version at the end of 2022, the car today exudes technology, design and performance… But it wasn’t always like that.

The first generation of the South Korean SUV to land here, in 1995, had mechanics derived from the Mazda and an unattractive look, even by the standards of the time. The model has evolved and, from the second generation onwards, it has shared the same platform as the Tucson. Today, in addition to being more ecologically correct, it also has a design worthy of praise.

7. Jeep Compass

We continue talking about SUVs in our list of 10 cars that have undergone profound changes over the years. Number 7 on the list is another model that tends to sell well in Brazil: the Jeep Compass.

Before getting that ‘way’ of Grand Cherokee, however, the Compass was quite different, and had round headlights, more characteristic of models like the Wrangler. The first generation was marketed between 2006 and 2016, when it underwent its major facelift.

6. Renault Logan

The first sedan representative on our list is the Renault Logan, which outside Brazil is also sold under the Dacia banner, responsible for the French brand’s entry-level cars. Logan is currently in its fourth generation and, since 2004, it has evolved a lot, mainly in terms of design.

The second generation, in 2011, did not present drastic visual changes, but they were accentuated in 2013 and definitely in 2020, with a new, even more radical change, which made the sedan more attractive. This, however, was not sold in Brazil.

5. Fiat Uno

The Fiat Uno was one of the most iconic cars on the Brazilian market and, to boot, one of those that went through the most profound changes. The model, who retired recently, arrived in Brazil in 1984, with the look of an ‘orthopedic boot’.

The hatch, however, became rounder from 2010, keeping the old version for sale under the name ‘Mille’, and said goodbye with the beautiful limited edition ‘Ciao’, announced in December 2021.

4. Volkswagen Gol

Another representative on our list is the Volkswagen Gol, and it has many points in common with the Fiat Uno. Just like the Italian hatch, the German model led the country’s sales ranking, retired recently and changed radically from generation to generation.

The Gol also ‘changed shape’ and became rounded, a change that earned it the nickname ‘Gol bola’ in one of its generation changes. The most recent change was also the last, launched in the country in 2018, and which ceased to be produced at the end of 2022.

3. Volkswagen Passat

The Volkswagen Passat is another beautiful example of how a car can undergo radical transformations over time. The German model, which shone in Brazil in the 1970s and 1980s in the best fastback coupé style, turned 180º.

The Passat, for many generations now, has become a luxury sedan, built on the Golf platform. And it will become even more modern and attractive if the name is kept for the Volkswagen ID.7, a 100% electric model that FreeGameGuide’s report closely checked during CES 2023 in Las Vegas.

2. Citroën C3

Renault Logan is not the only French representative in our list of 10 cars that have undergone profound changes. The Citroën C3, which is in the process of becoming another electric car model, is also part of this select group.

The first generation arrived in Brazil in 2003 and did not like it very much at first glance. The second, launched in 2012, revolutionized the hatchback market, with a new platform and the charming Zenit windshield, which left the huge glass exposed. The third and final generation arrived in September 2022 and again showed the hatch’s ‘chameleon’ power.

1. Ford Maverick

The English expression ‘we save the best for last’ means, in free translation, ‘we leave the best for last’. And that fits perfectly in the last model separated by FreeGameGuide in the list with the 10 cars that underwent profound changes: the Ford Maverick.

An iconic American muscle car, the formerly imposing car, which used up gasoline ‘just looking at it’, has undergone the greatest of all the transformations we have mentioned so far. After all, he turned into a pickup truck.

Ford decided to keep the name of the legendary car of the 1970s and 1980s on the market, but not in a new version of the muscle car, but in a modern pickup truck, with an aggressive design, and which will soon become electrified, also silencing the snoring. that won over so many fans in its original variant over 50 years ago.