1 min Entertainment More than 60% of Brazilians increased spending on streaming in the pandemic

1 min Entertainment More than 60% of Brazilians increased spending on streaming in the pandemic

Bare International, a customer experience research specialist, says 61.6% of Brazilians interviewed in the survey “How the customer experience has changed in the days of COVID” increased their spending on entertainment and streaming services in 2021. Globally , 47.7% of study participants report the same behavior.

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Tânia Alves, general manager of Bare Brasil, points out that the increase was 4.5 percentage points, from 57.1% to 61.6%, in the country, while abroad it was 2 percentage points (from 45.7% to 47.7%). The survey assessed how respondents’ spending changed with the pandemic in 10 segments: education, apparel, insurance, beverage, health (including supplements), cosmetics, electronics, wellness, food and online entertainment. 2,370 people were heard around the world in 2021 and 1,333 in 2020.

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Among the participants, only 13.54% said they had reduced expenses with the service. “One of the explanations for the prominence obtained by Brazilians in this aspect is perhaps the fact that the conditions imposed by the pandemic coincided with the launch of a wide variety of new streaming products and services in the country”, he says.

International education also has encouraging numbers in the survey. On the global average, there was an increase from 29% to 31.1%. In Brazil, the increase was even more significant: it jumped from 25.5% to 30.8%.

Kevin Porter, creator and partner of the streaming platform Fluenflix, which uses games, movies and creative activities to teach English, says there has been greater demand for services to accelerate English fluency. “With the advance of vaccination in the US and Europe, people are beginning to see the possibility of traveling abroad again.”