💻 CHEAP | Asus notebook with modest specs is even cheaper

💻 CHEAP |  Asus notebook with modest specs is even cheaper

The Asus X515JA-BR3932W is a more basic and cheaper model from Asus, ideal for anyone looking for a new notebook, but with a more affordable price for a current model. It has a 15.6-inch screen, thin edges and SSD storage for faster tasks.

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🛒 Buy the Asus X515JA-BR3932W for R$1,825

about notebook

The device has the most basic processor in the line, the 10th generation Intel Core i3, which is not the most current generation for the processor, but it offers a much higher performance compared to previous generations. Despite the small amount of RAM memory, being 4 GB, its SSD1 storage with a capacity of 128 GB makes it, in addition to faster, lighter and safer.

Its NanoEdge Display has incredibly thin edges and a matte anti-glare coating for a truly immersive experience. Plus, its reinforced chassis improves typing and lets you open and close the lid in one smooth motion.

It is a good cost-benefit for those who need the notebook for activities such as studying, working with spreadsheets and Office Package, watching videos and series, among other simple tasks. If you identify with the product, be sure to check it out:

🛒 Buy the Asus X515JA-BR3932W for R$1,825